Getting Last Year’s Campbell Equals Eight Wins, What’s This Year Equal?


After reading a recent ESPN article on breakout WR's this year, I found it quite interesting that Mike Wallace of the Steelers is on this list, but somehow the writer forgot to mention the Raiders' Louis Murphy. Chaz Schilens could also be on this list because if he manages to stay healthy he could drastically help the offense and put up some good numbers. It's more likely Louis Murphy becomes Oakland's breakout candidate because the other two wide receivers have either struggled to stay healthy or struggled to catch the ball. 

Now that that Jason Campbell and not JaMarcus Russell is playing QB the Raiders should equal eight wins simply based on last years numbers for him. Last year with the Redskins and their lack of healthy receivers, Campbell managed to pass for just over 3,600 yards and have 20 TD's. He had the likes of Santana Moss and Antwan Randle El for WR. 

The Raiders team as a whole had 10 passing TD's and just over 2,800 yards. Just imagine lining up one QB for a whole year rather than having three different QB's lining up throughout the year including Russell, Bruce Gradkowski, and Charlie Frye. These wide receivers will have a QB who in DC passed for 800 more yards, completed over 60 percent of his passes, and had twice as many passing TD's as the Raiders did for the season. 

Louis Murphy had 34 receptions, 521 yards, and four TD's. Yes he was known for some drops, but a lot of rookies are. The more he gets comfortable in this offense the more likely he's going to become a major breakout player. 

Chaz Schilens has yet to play a full season in his two seasons, but when he has played he has looked like a major seventh round steal. He has very good hands, runs good routes, and of course has Raiders speed. 

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