Forgotten Heroes: Dave Dalby

With such names like Kenny Stabler, Jim Plunkett, Marcus Allen, Dave Casper, etc (I could go on all day). It's easy to overlook the guys that were not as high profile as others.

I wanted to highlight a guy that was just as important to the Raiders success from the mid 70's to the mid 80's.

Center, Dave Dalby.

Before you Google his name, I was curious if many of you had ever heard of him before now?

To be honest, I'd never heard of the guy until I started doing a little research.

Dalby was drafted in the 4th round by the Raiders in the 1972 draft out of UCLA.

After three years, Dalby took over at center for the great, Jim Otto in 1975 and proceeded not to miss a game until his retirement in 1985.

Dalby was a participant of all three Raider Super Bowl victories, and was elected to the Pro-Bowl in 1977.

He got to block for guys like Stabler, Van Eeghen, and Marcus Allen, making them house-hold names. So it felt appropriate to shine some light on his story.


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