For Oakland Raiders, a Simple Fix Isn’t That Simple Anymore

When times were simpler, maybe a bit foolish, things seemed a lot simpler. For the Raiders, a player here and things would be fine.

A lineman goes down hurt? Just plug in another player.

Marcus Allen is down? Plug in Bo Jackson.

And so on and so forth.

In this day and age, however it is no longer a simple game where you can just drop in one player and expect things to run smoothly. Nor is it a case where a simple player can turn an entire team into a playoff-worthy club, no matter who the player is.

Even something as simple as dropping in a GM would help, Al Davis dropping out, or cloning Ken Stabler.

But lets look at first things first.

We've heard time and again that Al Davis should get a GM, and this would fix a lot of the problems with the club.

Nice dream, but a few things need to work with this idea...and even then it might not fly. First and foremost, Al Davis would have to step back, and allow his baby to walk without his prodding.

Secondly, you would have to hope it is a GM with some sense, and someone not named Matt Millen. Lastly, you'd have to hope that the GM doesn't turn into a short-term experiment that Davis pulls the plug on after one year.

That's a tall want fries with it?

Now, for the long-term thoughts. Even with the GM, would that make JaMarcus Russell play better? Would that keep Robert Gallery from getting injured? Would he keep Tom Cable from punching out the clock, or punching someone in the clock?

Iffy, in Oakland.

Our second simple case comes from JaMarcus Russell. One camp of fans thinks if we replace him, we're instant contenders. The other camp thinks if Russell sheds about 40 pounds, we'll be ok.

First side of the argument have a few problems. As bad as Russell was last year, we wound up having no choice but to play him. We all remember J.P. Losman's "Oh Crud"...

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