Fishing For Possible Picks: Would Oakland Benefit From Trading Down?

OK, we've looked at one potential option, with the Raiders moving up.

The ideas abound, from us going into the top three, swapping off a key player in the secondary and hoping that everything turns out well.

The risk, is that opposing teams would eat us alive in the passing game and the running game isn't scared of one extra lineman.

The second idea, is what about the Raiders trading down?

Oakland owns the No. 8 pick, about the line where top-notch players end or a team can start jockeying for position, looking at say, Jimmy Clausen or a package of picks for a veteran player.

The Raiders have had their time, giving up a No. 7 pick for Randy Moss, only to have the experiment fall apart when Moss started to give up on the team.

What would the Raiders have to gain by trading down?

First benefit, is more picks. Losing a No. 8 pick, if parlayed right might net a first and third later on, or maybe a first and second.

Second benefit, is the cost. Right now the Raiders are killing themselves with contracts for JaMarcus Russell, Darren McFadden and Darrius Heyward-Bey.

How many of us would love to have that money back? With the next season at risk for a lockout, owners may be more nervous about throwing money at rookies with no sure thing for one season.

Lastly, is the production factor.

Last season, for all the chaos, Oakland had some bright moments. Wins against Pittsburgh, Denver, Cinci and the Eagles were won with hard work. Some games were lost by seven points or less, like the Chargers game, Kansas City and two games at eight points difference.

These are winnable games, showing Oakland could have gone 9-7 in the AFC west.

Oakland has been assembling pieces, from the last couple years. They don't need to make a massive upgrade anymore...but need to do something smart with the picks.

If they keep the No. 8...

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