Fantasy Football 2013: 5 Deep Sleepers at WR

As we approach the Fantasy Football 2013 season, the general consensus is that you can wait on taking a receiver early because the position is much deeper than the other positions, especially running back.

Quality running backs are few and far between, so you might be tempted to wait a really long time before grabbing your receivers, especially if you want to play a running back at the flex. Getting three solid running backs is going to mean sacrificing depth at receiver.

Unless, of course, you hit it big on one of the several receivers who emerge from the lists of potential sleepers as fantasy contributors every year.

These next five guys probably aren't going to be consistent starters as top fantasy receivers, but they all have the potential to be a quality No. 2 or an awesome bye week fill-in.


All statistics from and assume ESPN standard fantasy football scoring.

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