Even Though Eliminated From Playoffs, 49ers and Raiders Should Be Proud

Both Bay Area NFL teams clung to their last hopes today to make the playoffs. The San Francisco 49ers needed to beat the St. Louis Rams, and the Oakland Raiders needed a Kansas City Chiefs' loss.

Neither turned out well. The 49ers lost, 25-17, at St. Louis, and the Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans, 34-14, destroying any hope of a Bay Area NFL team making the postseason.

However, both the 49ers and the Raiders have to be proud of themselves for what they accomplished this season. Despite undergoing quarterback controversy and high tensions between the head coach and his players, the Niners managed to stay in the playoff hunt until the second-to-last game.

Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis showed flashes of brilliance, while Troy Smith and Alex Smith put together a respectable 2010 campaign. The Raiders greatly improved on their dismal record from last year and actually become a decent and respectable football team. (Did I just say Raiders and respectable in the same sentence?)

Darren McFadden has developed into one of the most potent running backs in the NFL, and quarterback Jason Campbell is blossoming under the Raider's new system.

All this "success" talk shouldn't be overstated. One might even consider this year to be a failure for the Niners and Raiders. Both these teams haven't made the playoffs since 2002, and each of them has undergone numerous coaching changes. Not to be pessimistic here, but it could be a while before the next postseason comes for Bay Area football.

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