Don’t Mess With Oakland Raiders Ladies and Raiderettes

Am I lucky or what? 

A few minutes ago I read a comment criticizing the use of the slogan "Don't Mess with Texas."

My student whose pen name is HTEXANS10 walked in the room with evidence that you can use the phrase in a metaphoric way in many situations.

Now, I am not usually a "fighter" but since I am expecting the Oakland Raiders to play smarter and harder in 2010, if you "bully" any of us, and I read it, a rebuttal of "slap back" will be posted.

All's fair in love and war—and in football.

Now, a Raider Lady posted a very good response to somebody who did not do his homework before he posted his "stuff."

Well, watch out because we are researchers, thinkers, and fans who are committed to excellence. So, THINK before you write or speak in the media.

Go Raiders! We got your back and HTEXANS10 has the slogan on his back as you see in the article photo.


Dedicated to the Math Summer Two Class.

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