Donovan McNabb: Why He Would Kill The Trade

Some people looking at the Donovan McNabb deal may shake their head at the present situation and say, "How can McNabb not want to come to Oakland?"

At the same time, looking at the standing situation, it's kinda hard not to blame him for digging in his heels.

First of all, look at what he's leaving behind. He took the Eagles to the Super Bowl, tolerated fans that are known for being fickle, has played into the post-season a number of times, and has been named to the Pro Bowl more than once.

In Oakland, he would be dealing with Al Davis and a coaching staff that is in the middle of a tug-of-war with its owner, issues with the present QB situation being unresolved, and wold likely be going from a winning team to a squad rooted in an ugly losing streak.

What he doesn't have, though, is time. Donovan is presently playing, looking over his shoulder, and trying to keep his body in condition for weekly games...and sometimes, the body loses.

In the past, he had leverage, as Kevin Kolb was looking very green, throwing interceptions that had to make the coach break out in a cold sweat.

But last year, Kevin seemed to mature in a hurry.

Call it a changing of the guard, or ownership, or the general manager wanting to get the best deal possible for McNabb before his value drops.

It is hard for McNabb to accept moving. He has made some requests, like going to a winning franchise. With an unstable Favre situation in Minnesota and the question in Arizona unresolved, he does have options to remain in a playoff-hunt location.

Some things, though, do bode well for McNabb, should he have a change of mind.

For one, Donovan was a key starter for this run-of-success the Eagles have had these past seasons. This veteran knows how to play and presently can play better than both JaMarcus Russell and Bruce Gradkowski.

He would be able to give the WRs a decent skill...

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