Donovan McNabb Up for Discussion as Eagles and Raiders Consider Trade

Donovan McNabb said yesterday that he does not want to be traded to the Bills or the Raiders. Well, guess what, Raider fans: Al Davis does not care.

Heavy rumors are going around that the Raiders are the leading candidates for getting McNabb. PFT is reporting that the terms heard so far are that the Raiders are offering Nnamdi Asomugha in return for McNabb and Asante Samuel. That is possibly a huge boost and could turn this franchise around.

Not many fans will like that deal if it goes down, but think about it. We haven't had a Pro Bowl quarterback in years which has led us to 11-loss seasons the past seven years. He can give the advice and teach Russel how to be an NFL franchise quarterback. He will get the most production out of each weapon we have on offense. If we upgrade our offensive line through the draft and also our defensive line, along with an inside linebacker, it would really be possible for this team to get to the playoffs, not to mention a winning season.

Another trade possibly being thrown around is a second-round pick for McNabb. This to me seems like the better route to take and lets us keep the best corner on our team. We could also get the second-rounder back if Thomas Howard finds a team willing to sign him to an offer sheet or another third-round for Kirk Morrison. Whether fans like McNabb or not, he knows how to win and be one of the top quarterbacks in the league.

We are just lacking that franchise quarterback to take our team back to our winning ways. McNabb could be the answer. By the time McNabb retires or when he starts declining, there is a possibility Russel will be ready to take the reins if he has learned from McNabb by then. I doubt it, but it's still possible.

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