Donovan McNabb To the Raiders: Why Not?

The latest rumor has Donovan McNabb going to the Raiders for a second round pick and/or another player. This makes too much sense for it not to happen.

Al Davis is not getting any younger, folks. His future is now. To think he would be worried about whether he can re-sign McNabb or what ramifications a trade would have on the team down the road would be foolish.

Also, anyone concerned about McNabb's age hasn't watched much football over the last few years. One could argue, based on the numbers put up by quarterbacks this decade, that McNabb is just entering his prime.

McNabb makes the Raiders relevant again. Whether or not we'd like to admit it, my fellow Raider fans, there is a stigma perpetrated by the media among others that no one wants to be in Oakland. If McNabb comes to Oakland and is successful, the silver and black mystique is back. And make no mistake about it, he will be successful.

One could argue that McNabb would be surrounded by more talent than any other point during his career. Although much of it is unproven, the Raiders young skill position players could flourish with a proven commodity like McNabb running the offense.

Let's win right now. Let's make a deal for Donovan McNabb. Let's show him all the love Raider Nation can give. Let's give him the love he's never received in Philly despite all the things he's done for them.

Donovan McNabb can become an icon in Oakland. He can lead this team back to glory, and in return be given the proper respect from us.

Make the deal right now! Then make him feel like he'd never want to play anywhere else.

Help show everyone how crazy Al Davis is. Crazy like a fox! Donovan McNabb to the Raiders.... WHY NOT!?


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