Donovan McNabb to the Oakland Raiders: Deal or No Deal?

I suppose I should be happy. Finally some quarterback news in Oakland that doesn't revolve around JaMarcus Russell and his weight: The Raiders are in trade discussions over Donovan McNabb.

My initial reaction is "no way." But, on further examination, this story may have some legs.  

Tom Cable has not gone out of his way to deny it, even hinting at the idea of adding a veteran QB with a coy smile.  

Do we even need proof, though? I mean, if you've been watching this team (i.e. Al Davis) operate for more than the past two years, you know as well as I do that this move fits the profile.  

Perhaps the trade doesn't get done. There appear to be other teams vying for his services.  

But what say you, Raider Nation? Is this the right move at QB?  

Let's play out the scenario a little bit before we begin the debate. 


Donovan Will Not Come Cheap

He will cost at least $6.2 million this year and will likely fight to go to a team with a long(er)-term deal in place. So between McNabb and JaMarcus we would be on the books for roughly $15 million this year at the QB position. Besides, how will McNabb feel about his understudy making more than him next year?


What Does Al Give Up To Get Him?

The reality is that it will likely cost us our second round pick and one of our talented young players (Michael Bush being the most likely trade bait). Keep in mind, we still have an offensive line in desperate need of upgrading at multiple positions. Add that to a need at running back if Bush is traded away.  


Perhaps the Biggest Ripple Would Be on Bruce Gradkowski

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