Donovan McNabb Mystery: Oakland Raiders To Make Curious Stop in QB’s Backyard


The NFL will be announcing the complete 2010 schedule, along with all of its primetime games sometime in mid-April. However, the league did manage to release its exhibition schedule.


Taking a closer look at the Oakland Raiders' four exhibition games, I found it to be very interesting and perhaps even revealing about Donovan McNabb’s future with the organization.


Don’t believe in conspiracies? How about Bigfoot or little green men? Well, now’s your chance to call me crazy—I mean, it sounds ridiculous, but my theory just might have legs.


The more I think about it, the more it feels like something the “marketing machine” of the NFL would have a hand in.  


With as much speculation that's being thrown out there about McNabb’s possible trade to Oakland and the coincidental release of the 2010 preseason schedule, this question begs to be asked: Does the National Football League know something the rest of us don’t?


When glancing at Oakland’s slate of preseason games, two of McNabb’s old haunts (Dallas, Chicago) are front and center for everyone to see. Is this an indication that McNabb’s potential trade to Oakland is already a done deal?


As bizarre as it may sound, the deal could be in the can and the “star chamber” of the NFL is merely controlling the situation—waiting for the league’s first ever primetime draft to make the announcement.


It makes sense from a television ratings standpoint. This trade would be the biggest news of the offseason, so why not make the announcement during one of the league's most visible events?


Now, before you dismiss the idea, think about this: Earlier t...

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