Donovan McNabb Makes the Oakland Raiders Instant Contenders

"Could it be?"

Last night, I heard the news inside my car. Not only did the Oakland Raiders make an offer for the six-time NFC Pro Bowl Quarterback, they were willing to make it work. They went as far as to make a deal without an extension.

Looking back on the 2009 season, the Raiders' 5-11 record could have been better with some leadership from the quarterback position. They were able to pull out wins from the Eagles, Steelers, and Bengals. JaMarcus Russell pulled a rare comeback win against the Broncos in Denver. But you have to look at those losses to the New York teams—both blowouts—and egg they laid against a Browns team. And how about the coachless Redskins putting something on the Silver and Black that Mr. Clean could not get off?

Four of the Raiders' losses were within a touchdown. That reversal could have turned a bad record into 9-7. Maybe just a little better QB play is what could have out the Raiders over the top.

Russell is not the long-term answer. He continues to push the buttons of the Raider Nation with his lazy attitude and lack of work ethic. He has no idea how much work it would take to become an NFL quarterback.

Enter Donovan McNabb, 2004 NFC Offensive Player of the Year. He's played for one of the toughest fanbases in the NFL. He knows what is expected. He has led the Eagles to a Super Bowl. He's been in the NFC Championship game six times. On most of those occasions, he's done it with wideouts that will not be remembered by the next generation. Can you imagine the leadership he brings to the locker room alone?

Mr. Davis, please do the right thing for the franchise. Get that role model for JaMarcus. Realize where we are as a team. If McNabb can't turn JaMarcus around, no one can. It's a year when the AFC West can be blown wide open by a superstar passer.


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