Donovan McNabb: Go To Oakland! Case Against McNabb in SF and For Him in Oakland

First and foremost, I am a 49ers fan. 

That said, I'm not a Raider hater.  In my dream of dreams, I imagine San Francisco edging out Oakland in the Superbowl. 

Now, as the 49ers find themselves surrounded by hope and show real promise and forward direction, the Raiders are seen with their backs to the wall—desperate to make a game-changing move.

And the correct move is to acquire Donovan McNabb.

As I awoke today, I heard a report that McNabb had been acquired by the Raiders for this year's second and next year's fourth round draft picks.  April-freaking-fools to Raider Nation.

I read about how "McNabb Wants to be a 49er", and I think "Now you want to be a 49er? Now that Smith is about to have a break-out year? Now that Crabtree has signed and proven that his potential is quickly followed by his talent? Now that Gore is a top-five running back? Now that Vernon Davis is a dominant tight end? Now???" 

We don't need you, we don't want you.

I don't care for fair-weather fans, and I certainly see no place on the team for a fair-weather quarterback.

A true man should go where he is needed, and the Raiders would sure love to have him (my Nation-thumping friends confirm this.)

Arguments against McNabb to the Raiders center around the state of the Raiders. I'll try to supply a rebuttal for each and every one:

Argument Against—They're not a good enough team.

Rebuttal—That's why a better quarterback is desired, to make it a better team (Duh!)


Argument Against—His salary with Russell's would be too expensive. 

Rebuttal—Restructure Russell's salary like the bench-warmer he deserves to be. If he won't do it, cut him.


Argument Against—McNabb won't mentor the lazy Russell. 


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