Donovan McNabb Doesn’t Want to Play for the Raiders, So What?

If you think for a minute Donovan McNabb doesn't cringe at the thought of playing in Oakland, or would even consider extending his contract for us, then you are kidding yourself.

Donovan McNabb does not want to play in Oakland. He wants to play for a contender.

McNabb doesn't want to play behind a porous offensive line with an undersized center and young receivers with suspect hands.

But apparently most fans don't care, and I'm sure Al Davis could care less.

Some have even gone as far as to suggest McNabb would refuse a trade to the Raiders. Unfortunately for McNabb, that is impossible, and he lacks the power to do that. Unless, of course, he would be willing to retire and forfeit $12 million just to avoid playing for the Raiders.

If the Raiders want McNabb, they will get McNabb.

Like Richard Seymour last year, if the Eagles decide to send McNabb to Oakland, there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Last year Richard Seymour didn't want to come to Oakland, but he came and he played hard—if only to show the Patriots they were fools for letting him go.

Now, whether or not he wants to stay in Oakland is debatable. Sure, it took a franchise tag to keep him, but his comments about "finding his place in Oakland" suggest he wants to stay.

McNabbs' views on playing in Oakland can be changed, and if the Raiders trade for him they have until his contract expires next year to convince him to stay.

All the Raiders need to do is create an environment a QB could be comfortable in—and by comfortable I mean being confident he won't be leaving the field on crutches or a stretcher.

The Raiders need to revamp the o-line for Donovan McNabb. Actually, the Raiders need to revamp the o-line period...regardless of who plays QB.

And what better place to start than the draft?

The only o-linemen I would put faith in is a heal...

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