Dolphins vs. Raiders: Why An Oakland Loss Will Cost Tom Cable His Job

The Raiders started showing flashes of becoming a competitive team during their three-game winning streak. During that streak, the Raiders resembled a professional football team.

Their offense was running the ball, their defense was dominating and perhaps more importantly, the same guy was under center.

Jason Campbell had started the last four games for the Raiders. Two of those games their offense surpassed 500 yards of total offense.

During that stretch, Campbell threw five touchdowns to two interceptions. Despite his play and the Raiders 3-1 record during that four-game stretch, he still appeared to be on a short leash with coach Tom Cable. 

After the Steelers game, Cable declared right away that Campbell would be his starter against Miami.

Something must have happened because Cable decided to go with Bruce Gradkowski to start instead.

What the Raiders are doing with their quarterback situation this late in the season and this deep in the race for the AFC West seems to be doing more harm than good.

There aren't many teams in the league today that are switching quarterbacks around back and forth like the Raiders.

The Raiders have a young offense and a new offensive coordinator. It is important for them to keep the same guy under center so their players can mature in Hue Jackson's system.

A wise man once said, "If you have two quarterbacks, it actually means you have none." 

This is truly the case for the Raiders today.

The offense was horrible and could not stay on the field. Gradkowski missed many throws that could have extended drives or scored points.

Cable is quick to pull out Campbell when he plays poor but seems to give Gradkowski the benefit of the doubt a lot more. Gradkowski is a Tom Cable guy.

He threw two interceptions, and if it wasn't for Jacoby Ford's amazing catch in the fourth quarter,...

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