Do You Hear the Women Voices of Raider Nation?

On a lot in Beaumont, Texas there is an empty chair. It symbolizes the fact that the chair needs to be filled, and someone needs to be seated there. It inspires the recollection of a vision of building a home on the lot. That home will have a large entertainment room with a big screen television to watch the Oakland Raiders.

Sometimes when I read the Oakland Raiders B/R page, I peruse the profiles to determine how many ladies, young and old are active writers on it.

Obviously, when I read the names and see the profiles of the writers, it seems that the voices of the men in the Raider Nation are more audible than those of the women. More chairs with women of the Raider Nation need to be filled.

Why aren't there more women expressing their opinions, forecasts, views and creative input on the Oakland Raiders B/R page? Perhaps they are and their pen names veil their true identity.

A lot of comments use "guy" and "man" with no care to examine who the writer is. Since my main purpose is to have my voice heard and to learn more about this great team that has been challenged over the past seven years, I simply ignore any errors that may be made. I simply smile or write LOL.

My mission is bigger than you can imagine. The confidence that my vision will manifest itself is a sure thing in my mind.

Don't we want diversity on the B/R website? Don't we want to hear from more people in the Raider Nation? Is there something subtle and covert that is driving people away from using an opportunity to have a voice? Hasn't Al Davis taught us lessons on diversity by modeling and making choices that promote diversity?

Well, the same determination and fortitude that we expect the Oakland Raiders to have we must also have. We have to be present, audible and write what we think.

Does what we write have to be perfect? No. Does what we write have to follow the pattern of the mainstream? No....

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