Do The Oakland Raiders Need More Jukes, Flukes Or Dukes?

Research on zebras is what inspired this article. You are probably thinking that this writer draws inspiration from the most unusual places. And you are right!

Years ago there was an Oakland Raider who moved so gracefully on the playing field, that someone at a college said he was like a ballerina dancer on the football field.

Well, it took years for me to make the connection between a dancer and a football player. Now it is clear: footwork, artful, quick and exact footwork.

Now since I am fascinated with zebra patterns, a little research was done on zebras. Here is something that might help the Raiders.

The research indicates that when the herd of zebras realize that a predator is about to attack one of them, they gather together and the black and white pattern confuses the predator, especially if it is a lion. You see, lions are color-blind.

The move that the zebras make collectively is a defensive mechanism.

I know what you are thinking, the Raiders are not a team of zebras. However, a team must become expert at the art of camouflage in order to confuse and defeat the opponents.

One example of the art of camouflage is juking. When I first heard the word "juke" I thought about a juke joint or a jukebox. Mainly the jukebox stuck in my mind, and the dancing and sweating that was usually going on in tight spots in small juke joints in Texas.

The main thing to remember is the dancing. So, the Oakland Raiders may need to "juke" better and do more of it. Dance the night away on the football field, and camouflage their moves. Defeat the opponents by out-thinking and out-dancing them.

I have even heard of football players who take dancing lessons. Do you believe that?

Another thing to be careful of is that if the Oakland Raiders are depending heavily on the play-calling of Hue Jackson, there may be a predictable pattern to h...

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