Dissecting Oakland Raiders’ Best, Worst Positional Units

With the start of Oakland Raiders training camp just around the corner (less than three weeks away!), a clear picture of the roster has taken shape. Players being released and new additions being brought in are still a possibility, but for the most part, the roster that we'll see this upcoming season has already been assembled.

Now that we know who the Raiders will have on the field in 2015, it's possible to make well-informed assessments of each position group. More specifically, we can predict with some accuracy which positional units should excel and which ones could struggle.

Hopes are high in Oakland for the upcoming season. More importantly, those hopes are well-founded. This is the deepest, most talented Raiders roster we've seen in a long time.

But while some units have definitely improved and should have a major positive impact on game days, there are some that still provide more questions than answers.

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