Did Jacksonville Think ‘Big John’ Is Washed Up?

Maybe the biggest surprise release of the 2010 off season was Jaguars DT John Henderson.

After being released, speculation emerged that Henderson was washed up and no longer a Pro Bowl caliber tackle. Reports suggested Henderson had character issues and coach Del Rio didn’t want the distraction any longer.

Is he washed up? The truth may be hidden in the details.

Because none of us actually know how much Henderson has left in the tank or what went on behind closed doors in Jacksonville, lets look at the facts of the off season.

Beginning in March, the Jaguars set out to improve on their league worst 14 sacks last season. (In fact, the Raiders were 2 sacks away from being in the top 10 in sacks with 37) They signed Aaron Kampman to a contract worth over $5 mil per season – not to mention a hefty signing bonus.

The Jags followed up this move by drafting California DT Tyson Alualu with their 10th overall selection and DT D’Anthony Smith with their next pick. Both are listed under 300 lbs and reflect the emphasis the Jags are placing on athletic interior lineman to get after the quarterback.

While Alualu isn’t signed, his contract will most likely amount to about $4 million per season based on where he was selected. The Jaguars are still paying Derrick Harvey whom they selected 8th overall 2 years ago. He is guaranteed $17 million and has 3 years left on his rookie contract.

With John Henderson set to make $5 million in 2010, the Jaguars had entirely too much money invested in a young unproven line. To keep Henderson would only force their young talent to watch from the sidelines. Thats a good plan for young quarterbacks – a bad plan for young lineman.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders