Dennis Allen & Reggie McKenzie’s Drafts Are Bailing out the Sinking Raider Ship

In October of 2011, the Oakland Raiders acquired unhappy quarterback Carson Palmer from the Cincinnati Bengals (via New York Times) to fill in for an injured Jason Campbell. To acquire Palmer, then-coach Hue Jackson convinced owner Mark Davis to give up the Raiders' 2012 first-round pick, as well as this year's second.

Davis, incidentally, has said he pulled the trigger based on advice from Ron Wolf, John Madden and Ken Herock.

Whatever the path, it's not a stretch to say the move didn't work out all that well.

When current head coach Dennis Allen took over in 2012, he faced a tough task—rebuilding a team which had mortgaged its future.

Two drafts later—this year's with nearly a full complement of picks—has Allen done enough to reverse the damage of poor trades and decisions like the Palmer one?

While the jury is naturally still out, it's clear he's made some significant progress.

In the 2012 NFL draft, Allen and the Raiders were down to just two picks (plus three supplemental ones) after a string of decisions including the Palmer trade, a move up in the 2011 draft for Joe Barksdale (cut that season) and Taiwan Jones as well as the selection of Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft.

Despite that, Allen and his staff did a good job of picking players who would pan out. Of their six picks, five are still on the roster and the sixth—seventh-round outside linebacker Nathan Stupar—is still in the league, playing for the San Francisco 49ers.

Maybe there weren't any home runs but the Raiders got quality with every pick in a draft they couldn't afford a miss on.

The Raiders moved around more than a few times in this draft, acquiring multiple picks in the sixth round and shifting back in the first when they knew their guy was going to still be on the board.

What really stands out about this draft is that Allen ...

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