Demetria Walker Inspired to Have a Stellar Career by Former Oakland Raiders

Do you remember what inspired you to expand your horizons and to become a winner? Demetria Walker does.

The Oakland Raiders were winners during the early years of her career. She believed, she, too, could become a winner. She joins the fans in Raider Nation by a belief that the Oakland Raiders can reclaim their glory and inspire young people, even now.

On this Black Friday in 2010, Walker is one of many whose industry has been affected by the ups and downs of the economy. Black Friday is a day designed to boost sales in the United States. The winning spirit and last-minute victories of the Oakland Raiders cemented her belief to be committed to excellence and to never give up. In some ways, Black Friday is a day consumers can become victorious if they rise up early and make wise purchases.

Let's just say that excellent preparation for Black Friday gives millions of consumers victories in saving money. Some folks even pushed in the doors and tackled other consumers to make it in the stores and, figuratively, to a goal line and "touchdowns" to save a little money.

Demetria Walker has 23 years of experience as a sports enthusiast and business woman. Early in her life she would accompany her big sister, Damali Binta Yael, to events where professional athletes were present.

When she decided to become a real estate consultant, she naturally gravitated to helping the relocation needs of professional athletes and entertainers.

Some of her famous clients have been tennis champion Zina Garrison and NBA Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler.

Many of her clients have been former Houston Oilers, the team now known as the Tennessee Titans, and many other Houston Rockets players.

Described as a person of integrity and strong character, she is one who enjoys quality and beautiful surroundings. Her background and profolio are creatively pre...

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