Deja Vu, Oakland Style: Janikowski Locked Up for Four Years

Well, call it a case of the repeats.

Last year, Oakland was looking at the possibility of watching both Shane Lechler and Nnamdi Asomugha walking away from Oakland for more money.

Then Al Davis, ever the rich sort, dropped two contracts that left the NFL Network heads spinning.

Fast forward to this season, and you discover that Seabass, AKA Sebastian Janikowski, inked out the exact same deal that Shane locked up last year.

Not a bad deal, considering Janikowski put together a good season, missing only three kicks.

Oh, and don't forget the 61-yarder, as Janikowski is one of only four players to attempt a kick from over 60 yards out and make it.

So, Seabass will take it to the bank, nine million of it for sure.

The question is, is he worth it? Sure he has the leg, but the percentages might make some people scratch their heads.

Extra points? Missed only three in his career.

Close range? From 39 yards and closer, he's missed only 11 total. Out of 149 attempts, pretty solid.

From 40-49? He's missed 28 out of 94 attempts. However, last year, he only missed one in this range, a 45-yard shot.

And from 50 yards and back?

Seabass has missed 25 out of 49 kicks, so a little over half of his attempts have gone by the wayside. Last season, one of these misses was from 66 yards out.

66 yards?

That's the sort of faith Tom Cable has in Janikowski's leg. Hey, if there's a chance and the winds are working right....go for it.

As it is, Janikowski was taken in the first round, because the Raiders were tired of having questionable kickers in the past.

Locking him up simply puts the stamp on the team, so we don't have to go looking right now, or for the next four seasons.


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