Dear Oakland Raiders, I’m Sorry: JaMarcus Russell’s Need to Apologize

The Raiders fans rejoiced yesterday in what have must have felt like removing an unwanted wart or a cancerous tumor.

It's a done deal, and instantly reports are flying about JaMarcus Russell being the greatest draft bust ever. Is he? Well, he's definately in the running, but I did see the man have flashes of brilliance, and I did see him win a few games in tough predicaments for the Silver and Black.

As a Charger fan myself, I personally have to thank the guy for his performance in Denver in the 2008 season. It was gutsy, it was for nothing, and he played like an All-Pro, winning by three touchdown passes.

Had he not done that, the Broncos would have clinched the division with nine wins, and San Diego would have been bumped out of the playoff running. However we were able to host a playoff game generating huge revenue for the city and the Chargers organization with a playoff win over the 12-4 Colts.

With that said , I have to still give Ryan Leaf top honors as biggest draft bust of all time. But from a Raiders perspective, I can see how you think otherwise.

Do I feel sorry for Russel? No, not at all. First of all, the hold out—he performed a stick up on the Raiders franchise before throwing a pass. Secondly, $39 million. Personally, Id take a whippin from Mike Tyson in his prime for that, Russel walks away healthy.

Is it over? I believe so. Sure, there may be a few teams that put him in a roster, even Leaf had that happen, but he will kind of fade into the background, with his star power losing luster by the year. Eventually he will turn into a small footnote that people read about as being cut.

Did he get the raw deal? No, he only has one man to blame, and that's the guy in the mirror. If you dont have an awesome work ethic, and maintain top physical form in the NFL, you will be discovered really quickly. Furthermore it's an insult to everyone else in the organization who do p...

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