Dear Al Davis: Please Bring Donovan Mcnabb To The Oakland Raiders

Dear Al Davis,

I'm a huge fan of your work, Mr. Davis. I believe without question you are the best owner in the NFL today, and the greatest of all time. Regardless of weather or not you decide to bring Donovan McNabb to the Oakland Raiders, I will still support the sliver and black. I haven't missed a home game in three years, I love going to games, and keeping up with my Raiders knowledge.

Lately, I've been hearing rumors that the Oakland Raiders have questioned the Philadelphia Eagles about the services of Donovan McNabb. If this is true, I'm 100 percent behind this as long as we don't have to give up a first-round pick or trade away Nnamdi.

I see no harm in trading away our second-round pick and swapping first-round picks with Philadelphia to get McNabb. We need to improve our offense; for years, we've had average to bad QB play, and Donovan would give us a major upgrade in our passing attack.

JaMarcus Russell needs time to grow his game; he just isn't ready. Last season in all of my years going to Oakland Raiders games, I have never heard someone get booed as bad as Russell did during the game vs. Washington when the boos were personal. I wouldn't go as far as just giving up on Russell just yet, but adding Donovan McNabb to our offense would make the whole unit better.

As for Bruce Gradkowski, the reason why he gets so much love in Oakland is because the fan base is sick of seeing JaMarcus Russell on the field. It got to the point where it was anyone, but Russell. Bruce Gradkowski is an average QB at best, but compared to Russell, he looked great. In the long run, Donovan is better then both of these guys right now.

Bringing in Donovan McNabb would give our offense instant credibility. It gives us someone who without question has been proven to get the job done, and Donovan would give us the biggest offseason prize in the NFL. It would re-tool our offense and allow us to compete in the ...

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