Darren McFadden: Will He Become the Next Oakland Raiders Running Back Legend?

The 2010 NFL season has seen vast improvement from the Oakland Raiders, most notably in their running game.

After a slow rookie year and an injury-plagued second year, Darren McFadden has finally sprung into his element and is showcasing his true talents and abilities on the field.

McFadden has already racked up 1,112 yards from scrimmage in only 12 games this season, as he sat out two games with a hamstring injury.

While averaging 92 yards a game, McFadden is right on track to oust Napoleon Kaufman's 1,294-yard season from 1997. Passing Kaufman, McFadden would then be in second place for yards rushed in a single season, behind the legendary Marcus Allen.

Statistics and records aside, Darren McFadden has become a force to be reckoned with this season, demoralizing opponents and amplifying Oakland's rush attack to second in the league. It's been almost a decade since the Silver and Black have cracked the top 10.

McFadden is arguably the most explosive running back in the league today. Quick on his feet, his ability to avoid and slip past defenders is remarkable. The 210-pound wrecking ball is not afraid of a collision, and in fact, he applies most of the impact himself. When forced into the path of a defender, McFadden bows his head and runs that defender over. On multiple carries this year he has powered and plowed his way over and through numerous defenders on the goal line.

Trying to tackle Darren McFadden is a difficult task because not only is he such a big, powerful guy, but he's also fast. He's one of the quickest players in the Raiders' arsenal, and that's a team we know drafts the speedsters.

It's safe to say that McFadden has grown into the player we all hoped for and is one of the main reasons for the Raiders' return to NFL relevance. But how does he compare to the Raider greats?

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