Darren McFadden Needs To Change His Game

It seems like Darren McFadden was an Oakland Raiders rookie just a short time ago, bright-eyed and ready for anything.

The first few weeks of pre-season in 2008, Coach Lane Kiffin was intent on discovering if McFadden could run effectively between the tackles.  It turned out he did so pretty well though not much else about his game was tested in the early going. 

The fans were led to believe we would see an explosive and innovative use of McFadden in the regular season.  To be fair, we never got a chance to see what Kiffin could do with McFadden since his spat with owner Al Davis reached epic proportions and he was fired.

Things seemed to be on track with McFadden's best game coming against the Chiefs early on.  A high flying stretch across the goal line still stands as his finest moment as a Raider.

Unfortunately, his production since then has been spotty.

While not entirely unimpressive, we have not really seen what he can do.  McFadden has struggled to find a comfort zone as running back.

Thus far in McFadden's career, he has been set back by injuries, an inability to get into open space, saddled with an ineffectual offensive line and perhaps not being utilized as well as he could be within the offensive game plan.

Even in the wildcat or wild hog offensive formation (which we have seen very limited glimpses of in Oakland), McFadden has not fulfilled the promise he showed when he first arrived, the ink still fresh on his $60 million contract.

What Raiders fan wasn't optimistic about McFadden, coming out of Arkansas with such massive rushing numbers and blazing speed?  He represented everything the Raiders were lacking in the run game and desperately needed.

Fast forward to the conclusion of the 2009 season, McFadden has pretty much been a non-factor despite just under 500 yards rushing in 2009 and some good plays as a receiver.  In fact, he seems dest...

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