Could the Oakland Raiders Surpass San Diego in the AFC West?

The AFC West will be a very intriguing division this season.

Any other year the Chargers would dominate, the Broncos would finish mediocre, the Raiders would show signs of hope yet be considerably bad, and the Chiefs would be laughable.

2010, however, is different.

There is a huge power shift in the west.

The Raiders and Chiefs, two teams who have been at the bottom the past few years, have made progress this off-season.

The Broncos have had a very strange off-season. Josh McDaniels has seemingly torn that franchise apart, trading away the best offensive player in Brandon Marshall and making questionable picks in the draft.

The Chargers lost and added key players. Still, there are huge concerns in Southern California.

Two key offensive players, Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeill, did not sign their contract tenders and are prepared to sit out for the first 10 games this season.

Even when they do return, there is no telling whether or not they'd even play. This would cause a ripple effect, in which Phillip Rivers' stats would fall considerably.

Enter the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders are by far the most improved team in the division this year. They had one of the best off-seasons in the league and drafted brilliantly. Oakland also added Jason Campbell, a quarterback with much potential.

The question is whether or not the Raiders can surpass the Chargers and take control of the AFC West.

Well, you have to consider the fact that San Diego downgraded at some positions this year.

Ryan Matthews is a good player, but no L.T. Some Chargers fans will argue, but they'll see soon enough.

At the wide receiver position is Malcom Floyd instead of Vincent Jackson. Floyd has a lot to prove, but isn't as good as Jackson.

Tra Thomas isn't what he used to be as an offensive tackle, and is by far a downgrade f...

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