Could the Oakland Raiders Draft Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow is not projected to be a first round pick in this years NFL Draft, and it is possible for him to slip past the second round. This has to make you think if Al Davis would draft Tebow if he is available in the third round.

Last year they took Louis Murphy—Tebow's old college teammate—in the fourth. He was a value pick that paid off pretty well for the Raiders. He brought in the championship swagger from Florida, and Tebow could do the same.

Jamarcus Russell is still scheduled to be the Raiders QB, but it appears that this is his last opportunity to prove that he can be a starter in Oakland. All of Russell's weaknesses appear to be Tebow's strengths.

Tebow has great leadership abilities and is a student of the game. If drafted by the Raiders, he most likely would sit out his rookie year, and watch Russell play, but if Russell continues to struggle, having a player like Tebow backing him up would ideal for the Raiders long term future.

Of course this all depends on Russell's growth during the offseason, Russell's physical skills and talent alone are enough to keep him with Oakland for one more season. His physical skills have never really been questioned, it is his knowledge of the offense and dedication off the field that has put him in this situation.

Tebow is the opposite of Russell, he lacks the great physical ability that Russell has, but he has all the right tools mentally to be a great QB in the NFL. Will Tebow fall down far enough for the Raiders to look at him in the third or maybe even the second round?

We've seen some surprise picks by Davis in the recent years, but going with mental strength over physical attributes would be a big change for the Raiders draft philosophy. If you want Tebow on the Raiders next season, let's hope he has a pretty solid 40 time.

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