Could Kirk Morrison Be San Diego Bound?

Kirk Morrison is Oakland-born and raised, growing up in the bay area. He is also a fan favorite and considered home-grown talent.

Now he is a free agent and weighing his options in the NFL.

Some have suggested that he would love to stay in Oakland and would even give the Raiders a "home team discount" because he was born a Raider fan and always dreamed of playing for the Raiders.

But some of his recent comments have suggested otherwise.

Childhood dreams only last so long, especially when you've been living the dream for five years and have seen nothing but disappointment.

This week while being interviewed on a Radio show in San Diego, Morrison was asked if he would like see Tom Cable return. He had this to say.

“Well, we’ll see definitely. I mean I would love to have him back. If I am an Oakland Raider next year..."

Wait wait...Who cares about Tom Cable, why was Kirk Morrison in San Diego?

San Diego is like a second home to Morrison. Sure he was born and Raised in Oakland, but he went to college at San Diego State University. And he visits and works out in San Diego every offseason.

When asked if he would visit San Diego again he replied, “Soon, and I am just taking a little bit of time trying to relax and figure out what my next move is. Right now I am a free agent with football so you definitely want to sit back and see what your options are early on right now, but definitely going to get back down to San Diego and start working out.

"There is not so many places in the United States where it is winter and 75-80 degrees is the norm. So I am looking forward to getting down to that weather.”

Shouldn't Morrison be in Oakland working out with his teammates?

No. As of last week he is no longer a Raider—he has no teammates. And if he feels more comfortable working out in San Diego no one can say anything about it. It's a...

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