Could George Atkinson’s Twins Play for the Oakland Raiders in the Future?

George Atkinson fathered twins many years ago, and those twins are outstanding football players who both have been selected by Notre Dame. It was exciting to read about the twins, Josh and George Atkinson III, because they have had a distinct advantage in their training to be in touch with one of the NFL's finest players and a great, aggressive Oakland Raider.

Can you imagine the pride Atkinson must feel that both of his twin sons are at a very fine school? In fact, Tim Brown—another outstanding Oakland Raider—played for Notre Dame, and that territory has  produced other fine players who eventually played professional football.

Life is full of anticipation. Wouldn't it be wonderful if those twins continue their fine achievements at Notre Dame, and then, I conjecture, get drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the future? Well, there's nothing wrong with stretching our imagination and hoping for outstanding players like the senior George Atkinson.

Some of us like to dream, or better, to prepare. Do you think that the senior George Atkinson has not thought about this plan that I have set forth?

I read that the senior Atkinson has been actively involved in the training and preparation of his twin sons. That's a good sign. That's a smart father.

Just think about it like this: If the Atkinson twins end up on the Oakland Raiders roster it could mean double trouble for the opponents. If football is in the genes or even if some of the talent is learned, it certainly would be exciting to see what some of us imagine become a reality.

Well, let's just say it is something to look forward to.

Congratulations George Atkinson, the former Oakland Raider. It looks like you have done a fine job as a father of twins who are academically strong enough to attend Notre Dame and athletically gifted to be on the football team.

Interview of George Atkinson and his twin sons

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