Could Darren McFadden Be Another O.J. Simpson?

At 6'1", 212 pounds, Darren McFadden is the exact same size as OJ Simpson was as an NFL running back. Simpson could, and McFadden still can, run with the wind.

How can I compare McFadden to a Hall of Fame running back?

Because the Hall of Fame running back's NFL career started out the same way.

Simpson came out as the highly-touted Heisman Trophy winner. McFadden came out just as touted, but only with Doak Walker Award and as the Heisman runner-up.

Simpson showed flashes in his first couple of years, but didn't live up to his Heisman hype. Missing seven games in his first two years due to injury didn't help either.

McFadden showed those same flashes and also has not lived up to the hype so far. He missed seven games in his first two years as well.

Simpson was called another Heisman Trophy flop. McFadden is getting the same treatment now, only they use the word "bust."

They were both highly decorated college players. They had good size. They also had moves, vision, and world-class speed.

What is the problem?

Before you guys start suggesting that he move to receiver, they tried that with Simpson.

The both went to horrible teams. Neither one of these men had even solid offensive lines. That's probably why they were hurt a lot in the beginning.

So what happens from here?

With Simpson, things changed and that led to a Hall of Fame career.

Lou Saban was brought in to coach the Buffalo Bills. He went out and got five great lineman and put together a defense to get the ball back.

The results were outstanding. Simpson was able to get through a 14-game season. In his fourth season, he went over the 1,000 yard mark. That was only the beginning.

In his fifth, he topped off his Hall of Fame career with the legendary 2,000 yard season for which he'll forever...

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