Comparison Of Our QBs and Somethig About Gradkowski If He Starts

Hello all Raiders fans in this community. First I want to say I don't speak English perfectly, so if there are some grammatical mistakes say it to me and I will fix it.

OK I will start speaking about Gradkowski. When Russell was benched and Gradkowski started, he show leadership, heart, passion and most importantly desire to win and be a good QB. A lot of people say he can be a good QB, but that he isn't a long-term solution and will be cut before the start of the new season just like Jeff Garcia. But I don't think so.

Now let's compare the starts of our three QBs: JaMarcus Russell, Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Fry.

JaMarcus Russell: 3 TDS 11 INT 1,287 YDS 33 SCK 9 FUM and 6 Lost

Bruce Gradkowski: 6 TDS 3 INT 1,007 YDS 11 SCK FUM 5 and 3 Lost in four games

Charlie Fry: 1 TDS 4 INT 581 YDS 5 SCK with no fumbles in three games

JaMarcus Russell: His season was horrible with a lot of mistakes, without the desire to get better and that cost him his job as a starting QB.

Bruce Gradkowski: Like I said before he did it very well. The only problems were the O-Line who didn't protect him well and just for that he got injured and couldn't finish the season.

Charlie Fry: It was good but not enough to win games, but better than Russell.

But what is the worst thing that will happen if Gradkowski starts the next season? The Raiders will finish with 5-11 like last season? He will throw more INTs than a TDs? Al Davis will lose a lot of money because Gradkowski has a $61 million contract? NO nation. That was Russell, and Gradkowski is not like Russell.

I'm sure that if Gradkowski starts the next season the Raiders will finish at least 8-8 and maybe we could be a wild card team.

I remember when Russell was benched he said he learned a lot from Gradkowski, he became better and he would want his job back, when Gradkowski got injured he got it back ...

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