Colt Brennan: A Golden Opportunity in the Silver and Black?

Last week the Oakland Raiders signed QB Colt Brennan, making him the fifth quarterback on the roster. As the Raiders prepare to play against the Dallas Cowboys, they find themselves looking for some quarterback depth. Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye are both injured, leaving Jason Campbell and Kyle Boller the only healthy quarterbacks other than Brennan.

The difference between Brennan and most fifth-string quarterbacks is that he will actually see some playing time in the preseason, and it may be some substantial time.

Now let me be clear. I'm not saying Brennan is a lock to be on the roster, but he definitely has an opportunity to make it.

Though injured, Gradkowski should still make the roster as the number two quarterback. However the third spot is very much wide open. Why?

Well lets look at who are battling it out for the third spot other than Brennan himself. Kyle Boller and Charlie Frye.

Charlie Frye I think is the better option as the number three QB. I think he has the mental part of the game down pat. There is no disputing that he understands football and the offense. That is an attribute I want in my third-string QB. His problem is that he sometimes tries to do to much on the field. This makes what would be good quarterback play into average quarterback play. This just tells me that Frye may be a better coach than player.

Boller on the other hand has all the physical ability. He is a hard worker and a good teammate. But when the lights come on, he cannot produce. We are talking about a guy who never worked out in Baltimore despite all his opportunities, and who then was eventually let go for Joe Flacco.

Then he went to the St. Louis Rams, a team hungry for some quarterback play, and couldn't cash in on a good opportunity. Then he gets let go again, even though the Rams could've used a quarterback to back up first round pick Sam Bradford.

Boller's adv...

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