Colorado-Baylor: The End of an Error?

Will the loss to Baylor be the final straw?

Will this be the game which finally brings to an end the all-too-frustrating Dan Hawkins’ era?

Well, “no” … and “yes.”

Dan Hawkins will be on the sidelines for the Texas Tech game next weekend. In all likelihood, Hawkins will be patrolling the sidelines at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln the day after Thanksgiving.

But that should be it.

Six weeks from now, the 31-25 loss to Baylor will be looked as the turning point of the 2010 season.

A win over the Bears would have given the Buffs a 4-2 record at the midway point. With three winnable home games left on the calendar (plus a winnable game on the road against hapless Kansas), the Buffs would have been on their way to a winning season, or at least a 6-6 record and a bowl game.

With his first winning season still a possibility, Dan Hawkins might have found a way to save his job for yet another year.

Now, with a 31-25 home loss to a good, but certainly not great, Baylor team, Colorado is 3-3, and it is difficult to imagine a scenario under which the Buffs will rebound and post a winning season.

Texas Tech next weekend? The Red Raiders are on par with Baylor, and will present similar matchup problems for the Colorado defense.

Oklahoma in Norman the following weekend? Yuck. The Sooners beat Iowa State Saturday, 52-0...and it wasn’t that close.

It could be Cal ugly (52-7); it could be 2008 Missouri ugly (58-0). The only reason to watch will be to see if the Buffs can score against the Sooners. 

The Buffs then go on the road to play Kansas in Lawrence. Unless the Buffs can pull out a win over Texas Tech, Colorado will travel to play the Jayhawks carrying the burden of a four game losing streak.

As bad as Kansas has played this season, the Jayhawks could be lo...

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