Chris Mortensen: Goes To Raiders Camp

This is a somewhat brief article. I find it very interesting that ESPN sent Mortensen do go to Raiders camp.

The thing I'm most looking forward to tomorrow is if Al Davis actually acknowledges (if Davis shows) Mortensen.

The Raiders and ESPN have had a long history of not getting along. Things started to boil over in 2008.

Chris Mortensen made a report that Davis was trying to sell a portion of the team.

After John Herrera refuted it, Chris Mortensen had the following to say:

"The Raiders have lost the privilege with me of running stories past them for comment...This stems from their history of denials to most stories I have reported—as well as others in the media—when those stories have eventually proven to be true. The latest example is I reported that Al Davis planned to interview Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and, of course, the story was trashed by a team spokesman."

Maybe Mortensen realized how ridiculous he sounded when he put out a following statement:

"Upon further review, I should not have qualified any potential communication with the Raiders as a 'privilege.' I'd say they have repeatedly diminished and discouraged efforts to reach out for an official comment based on the repeated denials of prior stories...It also would be an assumption on their part that I have not had any contact with the Raiders while reporting on this story."

When reporters become the story, it is an issue. I happen to like Mortensen and Schefter, but I don't think they and the rest of ESPN get it.

The only two insiders in the organization are John Herrera and Amy Trask. Until your sources are those people, I can't believe the report.

I actually sent an e-mail to Schefter asking them to literally stop reporting about the Raiders because I couldn't remember the last time they were right on a report about a team. I didn't get a response (n...

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