Chaz Schillens’ Clock Ticking: No Work, No Pay for Injured WR

The Oakland Raiders have stuck with a lot of players in the past that have basically  been paid to do nothing. Let me bring up some names like Desmond Howard, JaMarcus Russell, Javon Walker and lastly is the so-called WR Chaz Schilens.

At the beginning of the season, many were skeptical about Darrius Heyward Bey. However, he has come out to play and has done rather well. There's still room for improvement, but he plays.

So what happened to Chaz Schilens? Chaz Schilens played a few games last season. This season I've yet to see him on the field, yet he is on payroll. He was supposed to be a ready-to-play athlete and help the Raiders get to the playoffs. However, his results are still nil, which is similar to Javon "black eye " Walker.

The Oakland Raider organization should have learned from this experience, especially lately with Russell and Walker. C'mon, Al. Both Javon Walker and JaMarcus Russell were very under par. Its embarrassing actually.

In Chaz, the team has a WR that plays well in practice but come game time we never see him. It's been too long. The milk is gone, time to go.

I am an avid Raider fanatic and when players can't perform or are always on the hurt list, then obviously the game is too damn tough. So go back home and thank Al Davis for your new home and car. C'mon Raiders, let this guy go.

The Raiders had the opportunity to go after Houshmanzadeh, who is a decent receiver. Between the two, I will take Housh. There are talented receivers out there and they don't get hurt. This is what the receiving corps needs—another solid player.

In the meantime, I say use Johnnie Lee Higgins. Chaz Schilens cannot be making more than his true receiver playing value of 20.00.

On a final note, I would like to compare Chaz Schilens to Rolando McClain. Would the Oakland Raider fans want a McClain that is rarely on the field? Or would fans be happy with his rookie per...

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