Chaz Schilens: A Mirage in Oakland Raider Minds

Chaz Schilens could be considered a bust based on failures to meet the expectations of Raider Nation. Last year, I hopped on the fantasy bandwagon and stashed him away on my bench as he was mysteriously "injured" in "practice" before the season began.


The most compelling part of these mysterious injuries over the past two years is that they never actually take place on the field of Battle. Last year Chaz "Owie" Schilens was initially diagnosed with a minor toe injury in preseason and was expected to sideline for about a month. He didnt return until week 13 and helped the Raiders defeat a hobbled Pittsburgh team in Pittsburgh.


What if he had actually helped the Oakland Raiders last year? Would they have or need a new QB? Chaz Schilens is the only Raider on the roster that has proved he can catch balls when they are thrown to or around him. Can't deny that. But to imply that the Raiders should pass up on Terrell Owens for a seventh round cream puff is preposterous!


At any rate, Schilens should excel if healthy under newly competent play caller in Hue Jackson. Let's just hope he makes it out of the preseason this year.

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