Charles Woodson Won’t Regret Signing with Floundering Raiders

Early in free agency, Charles Woodson said he wanted to play for a contender. However, the Oakland Raiders are not a contender. 

Even in the best possible scenario, I don't see Oakland making the playoffs. And I say this as a lifelong Raiders fan who would like nothing more than a trip to the postseason.

The talent just isn't there. 

Despite what is almost certain to be a losing season in Oakland, Woodson won't wind up regretting his decision, and it's not because he didn't have options. 

Woodson, according to ESPN, wound up signing a one-year deal worth a maximum of $4.3 million that includes a $700,000 signing bonus. And the 36-year-old made this commitment after visiting the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos. 

Both of those teams would certainly qualify as contenders. 

However, both of those franchises likely offered Woodson a deal that wasn't up to his monetary wishes. 

It can be a dangerous proposition to forgo something that once seemed essential for an acceptable quality of life for more money. This is a fast track toward unhappiness—especially for people who are already wealthy.

It won't in this instance. 

Woodson is not a veteran chasing an elusive Super Bowl victory. He has already won one. He did so with the 2010 Green Bay Packers, and he's spent most of his career on playoff teams. 

After being drafted by the Raiders with the fourth overall selection in the 1998 draft, Woodson left the Raiders following the 2005 season. During his seven seasons with the Packers, Woodson made the playoffs five times. And he was a huge reason why Green Bay was so successful. 

Woodson had long been regarded as one of the game's best corners, but while in Green Bay, he matured into one of the game's best players. In 2009, he won the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award to cement t...

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