Chargers-Raiders: Let’s Stop the Hate

For years, the Chargers-Raiders rivalry has been well documented. Often it is a horrible event that causes further irritation.

Yeah wer'e both in the AFC West. Yeah, there's been tension since the 60's. Yeah, the Raiders fans have a nasty reputation.

But, people are people, and quite honestly, I have a lot of respect for the Raiders fans,  they fully support their team in a season of 4-11 or a Super Bowl title. Raider Nation is alive and well, and coming from a die hard Charger fan, its a very unbiased opinion.

So, this season when I had bought tickets to the Chargers/Raiders game at Qualcomm, I faced many questions from many friends.

"Why do you wanna go to that game?  Those fans are A$$holes. They are violent.  Same ol' story. My dad had the same questions asked. I answered back, I'm not afraid, I've boxed before, I can trade and receive punches, no big deal.

But, it is a big deal! Nobody should have to go to a game and shell out hundreds of dollars, and worry about physical safety. I'm a football fan, and I was going to watch a football game. 

Honestly, I was reluctant in going. I took heed to the advice and criticism, and actually planned for a bad situation.

As we got to the stadium, my dad and I took seats right in the heart of raider nation it seemed.

All I kept thinking was, why did I pick tickets on the visitors side for this one? I saw numerous Raiders fans decked out in all their war paint, pads, spikes and chains.

Well, this was a defining moment. Intimidating? Yes, but I was there to make noise for my team regardless of consequence.

As the game started JaMarcus Russell threw an interception, Philip Rivers completed a 60-yarder to Malcom Floyd, and Tomlinson ran a wildcat in for a touchdown all in the first two minutes.

I sat there really feeling mixed emotions. One side was happy and cheering, ...

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