Carson Palmer Smart to Pass on Loudmouth Wide Receiver Terrell Owens

There is no doubt that this is a new-look, old-attitude Oakland Raiders organization that is more than dedicated to winning, so that is exactly why the latest news involving new quarterback Carson Palmer and free agent receiver Terrell Owens is so exciting.

The Raiders have gone out and made some incredibly shrewd moves at the trade deadline that just may have saved their season, if not kept them in playoff contention. 

No move was bigger than bringing in former Heisman Trophy winner and long-time Cincinnati Bengal, Palmer, who was all but stuck in pseudo-retirement.

How the Raiders were able to pry him out of the hands of Bengals owner Mike Brown I will never fully understand, but what I do know is that it was a game-changer for Oakland.

The Raiders have been leaning on quarterback Jason Campbell for the past few years, and while he has been serviceable, I don't think anybody has ever mistaken him for a star quarterback.

Palmer on the other-hand has undeniably been a star. Some people question whether or not he still has what it takes, but eventually I think quarterback who amassed 22,694 yards, and 154 career touchdowns as a Bengal will show himself.

If anything though, the Raiders got a leader, which is something this young team has desperately needed.

Palmer may have made his first official act as one of the leaders of Raiders Nation when he pretty much denied the fact that he wants to play with former teammate and star receiver Terrell Owens in Oakland.

Mike Florio of ProFootBallTalk reports on Palmer's thoughts:

“T.O. and I had a great working relationship, he had one of his most successful years over the past five or six years, a lot of production and he was a great teammate in Cincinnati,” Palmer told 95.7 The Game.  “The problem is that for him to get here there&r...

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