Can the Oakland Raiders Defeat the Steelers with a Red Zone Problem QB?

Is Jason Campbell really the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders? Has Jason Campbell played as well as the media claims he has? Or is Jason Campbell riding on the talented Raider players around him?  Jason Campbell has definitely improved in the Oakland Raiders scheme of things, but for many he still needs improvement.

It's great that the Oakland Raiders are 3-0 against the AFC West. It's wonderful that the Oakland Raiders defeated the Denver Broncos 59-10. It's still amazing that despite the bad officiating, the Raiders were able to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime.

But has this been because of Jason Campbell's throwing ability, leadership, or the catching skills of a talented and hungry WR named Jacoby Ford? Can Jason Campbell get the Oakland Raiders into the playoffs?

Is Jason Campbell the right quarterback to play against the Pittsburgh Steelers after the bye week, when a healthy Bruce Gradkowski is ready to pick apart the Steelers?

Looking at Jason Campbell's present stats, he has 7 TD passes, 5 interceptions, 91 completions against 171 attempts, 1,252 yards and an 81 QB rating.

Although the passing yards look decent, it must be realized that Jason Campbell is less than 50 percent in the red zone.

Jason Campbell's accuracy is another factor. In fact, you may have noticed that Jacoby Ford actually took the interception away from CB Brandon Flowers when the Raiders were driving to get into OT. Prior to that there was the under-thrown ball that Ford came back to save the play. Had that interception not been saved by Ford, there a good chance Bruce Gradkowski would retain his job as starting QB against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Let's look at the Seattle Seahawks game, where the Raiders won 33-3. Was Jason Campbell the reason for the win? Focusing on the kicking of Sebastian Janikowski, you may notice Janikowski scored 13 points on field goals. Why are we making three-point fiel...

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