Can the Miami Dolphins Stop RBs Darren McFadden and Michael Bush In Oakland?

The Miami Dolphins will be flying to Oakland, CA to match-up against the legendary Silver and Black. The Oakland Raiders are going to have to look sharp as they are in the hunt for playoff contention. The Oakland Raiders now are 5-5 after a horrible loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers last week.

The Oakland Raiders tried to establish a running attack against the Steelers, but was basically shutdown. It seems that, had the Oakland Raiders run Darren McFadden or Marcel Reece out of the back field more or even just solid pounding from RB Michael Bush, then the Raiders would win.

It's only a matter of time before either RB finds the hole and runs for the TD or close to it. It also runs the clock and opens up the passing game.

Darren McFadden should get the ball handed to him at least 20 times a game. He is the star RB for the Silver and Black and has done an outstanding job thus far. As mentioned before, he was shutdown last week, but should be able to bounce back in the showdown against the Miami Dolphins. 

McFadden is an exciting player to watch, particularly at the end of his runs, when opponents attempt the tackle McFadden.  McFadden punishes those who try to stop him and it's fun to watch unless you are the one receiving the hit.

Michael Bush is used a lot less, but in all fairness he has great hands and will wear down defenses provided he is handed the ball.  Michael Bush is healthy and we should all remember how well he played when RB Justin Fargas was injured.

Michael Bush is the second part of this duo. He has been underestimated yet he is a hard, pounding runner that, when on a roll, usually it takes two linemen to take him down or even slow him down. Once Bush is on the move he is a tough one to stop, so let's hope that the Oakland Raiders use these guys more.

In the last game against the Steelers, Michael Bush had the ball handed to him only four times for a total ...

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