Can The Jacksonville Jaguars Defeat The Power and Speed Of The Raiders?

Bruce Lee , former resident of Oakland and possible Raider fan, had to enter the Tower of Death to reach his goal. Jason and the Argonauts had to battle through a cyclops, the Hydra, and beautiful sirens just to get the Golden Fleece. The Oakland Raiders are on a very similar mission. They must defeat the AFC West monster and either a Jag or a Colt to reach the top!

  They must finish off their AFC West adversaries ( Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos) to reach the playoffs and show the world that the Oakland Raiders are the World Champions.  Denver will want payback but it will be pointless. Second, the Silver and Black must defeat either the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Indianapolis Colts to get into the mix. Every game won keeps the Raider alive!

   These heroes of today must prove to themselves that they are the best and take down the Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville!  However Raidernation, the Jacksonville Jaguars have been a thorn in the side of the Raiders since their first meeting in 1996.

  Since 1996 the Silver and Black has played the Jacksonville Jaguars four times and has only been able to defeat the Jaguars one time. This is why the Raider must maintain the level of play and dominate the Jaguars! This will be accomplished by the very, very powerful defensive line of the Oakland Raiders.

  Based on how the team performed against their AFC West adversary last week one has to really wonder. Will the play remain the same against a non-divisional team. If you look at the Raiders past games, its obvious that they can handle their AFC West rivals.

 Yet, when the Oakland Raiders matched up against the 49ers, Texans, Steelers and Arizona Cardinals, they failed horribly. Can you expect that to happen in Jacksonville? 

  Chances are the Oakland Raiders will put it on the line again and let the power running of RB Marcel Reece, Michael Bush and...

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