Can Khalif Barnes Get a Shot with the Oakland Raiders?

After all the offseason improvements, Oakland Raiders look to be a left tackle away from  contention. Jared Gaither looks good in silver and black, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

It appears now that the Raiders are going with a guy already on the team. That made me think. Can Khalif Barnes get a shot?

Khalif Barnes is a former second round pick out of Washington. He came into the league and anchored the Jacksonville Jaguar offensive line when they were good.

Many in Jacksonville wondered why he was let go after the 2008 season. They clearly haven't been as solid up front since.

Barnes then came to Raider Nation to compete with Mario Henderson for the job at left tackle. The competition never materialized as Barnes broke his ankle in camp.

Here we are a year later, and Barnes is playing musical chairs along the offensive line while Henderson is getting Pro-Bowler treatment coming off of a horrible year. 

Many in Raider Nation got overly excited about Henderson in 2008 when he shut out Mario Williams and Gaines Adams. We must remember that those were two games and he only had five starts that year.

The Raiders need a consistent left tackle now so they can contend. Henderson showed none of that during his 2009 campaign.

Many in Raider Nation are quick to blame JaMarcus for holding the ball too long. There is some truth to that, but neither of his two replacements made it through the season as they were injured due to bad protection. He had the same QB in 2008 anyway.

Does this spell doom and gloom for Henderson?


It means his spot should be open for competition. Many in Raider Nation believe he will get that from small school wonder Jared Veldheer. I don't believe he's ready yet and the Raiders have a team that can contend now...

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