Can Darren McFadden Become an Elite RB for the Oakland Raiders?

The Oakland Raiders played the game of the year in their 59-14 blowout of the hapless Denver Broncos Sunday afternoon. But does this dominating performance mean the Raiders have turned the corner? Maybe, but first, Darren McFadden’s career day at Invesco Field:

The two-time Heisman Trophy runner-up from Arkansas ran wild over the Broncos defense. The fourth-overall pick ran 165 yards and scored four touchdowns to tie a team record—shared by Art Powell, Marcus Allen and Harvey Williams—but can the Raiders come to expect consistent production from No. 20 for the remainder of the season?

“I think that’s why we drafted him,” said Raiders coach Tom Cable to the San Francisco Chronicle. “His burst was there, he ran very physical [and] very tough. Having said that, Cable knows the key to Oakland’s season—and dare I say it, “the playoffs” (…cue, Jim Mora please), lies completely with the health of McFadden. “You just have to keep him on the field, healthy, this year he’s probably taken it to the next level.”

Meanwhile, team leader Nnamdi Asomugha said Sunday’s victory showed him something about the team, which could be a spring board for more success. And once again, the Raiders will try to win back-to-back games for the first time since 2008.

“In the fourth quarter, you could tell that we had imposed something on them [Denver] that they had never seen before, and they weren’t used to. That’s good. There’s times in the past where we’ve been on the other end of it and to see another team going through that made us feel like we’ve arrived.”

Then if that’s the case, will the Raiders follow up their greatest victory in nearly a decade, with another?

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