Busted: ESPN Caught In The Act of Libeling Former Raider JaMarcus Russell

At this point, Raider Nation can breathe some fresh air, because the climate in Oakland seems to be on the upswing now that JaMarcus Russell is gone.  Nevertheless, the negative opinions of Russell do not justify false information from being propagated.

Even though Raider Nation may disagree on the broad topics related to JaMarcus Russell, I think we can all agree that ESPN will make stuff up about the Raiders.  In part, because the people at ESPN dislike being locked out by Al Davis.

ESPN however, cannot even get a simple story right.  After the Raiders released Russell, Bill Williamson of ESPN's AFC West blog reported that Russell had been released. 

Seems simple right?  Well, apparently the ESPN people may need to tie their mittens to their vests, because Williamson then added that Russell has, "the worst winning percentage of any quarterback who was drafted No. 1. He became the quickest quarterback who was the No. 1 pick to be released by his drafting team."

Before I continue, I have already reported this to ESPN for a retraction.

It really does bother me that ESPN would so blatantly lie about Russell, and in doing so, lie about the history of the NFL.  I should also note that Williamson is a former reporter for The Denver Post, where he covered the arch-rival Broncos.

I will logically break down the statements made by Williamson:

A) He has the worst winning percentage.

B) He is a quarterback.

C) He is a number one pick in the NFL Draft.

D) He has had the "quickest release"

OR: A + B + C   /   D + A

Meaning that, Williamson used conjunctions to create his synthetic trivia of no relevance.  Note also that no mention of "modern era" or "since the NFL-AFL merger" was made, therefore, the logic of the statement "of any quarterback" opened the door to any quarterback selected...

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