Bruce Gradkowski: The Son Of Privilege

The convenience of Bruce Gradkowski's ascension to the top spot in Oakland in unison with the potential return of the Raiders best offensive player does not surprise me one bit (See 2009).

It also doesn't surprise me that they will be facing a terrible Cardinals team in his debut (No Polamalu).

More reason to believe the Raiders will all of a sudden turn it around with Godkowski at the helm, regardless of the inferior talent of the Cardinals, or the return of Michael Bush.

The O-line will all of a sudden look as if they can block, as the offensive gameplan will change dramatically from the slow developing Hail Mary plays on first and second down we've seen with Russell and Campbell, to the fast paced, multi-optional 3 level attack that most NFL teams run.

This will open the running lanes up for the oft-held out Michael Bush and Darren McFeedme.

Cable, or Hue, or whoever runs the Raiders will look like a genius and the NFL QB merry-go-round will have another turn.

Maybe the fans will return to the stadium now that they have their man. Never mind all the other talented players on the Raiders, we want to see Gradkowski!

I don't know about the rest of Raider Nation, but I'm not excited. However I do feel that this move will turn the season around for the Raiders, as long as the little guy can stay healthy.

The Raiders now have a face of the organization. Expect an overzealous amount of sudden attention and praise for the golden boy.

He'll short pass, scramble and hand it off to victory. Yayyy! Go Raiders!

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