Bruce Gradkowski the Future, McNabb the Past for Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raider fans should not despair now that Donovan McNabb is joining the Washington Redskins.

McNabb is is an injury prone 34-year old quaterback who, according to former center Hank Fraley, choked in the closing stages of Super Bowl XXXIX, nearly vomiting and struggling to call plays.

In Bruce Gradkowski, the Raiders have the future and the present at the quarterback posiiton.

Last year Gradkowski threw for six touchdowns in only three starts while amassing 854 passing yards and victories against Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

Gradkowski even claimed an NFL record by accruing the most come-from-behind touchdowns in a 4th quarter since 1991 in the victory at Heinz Field.

When the going got tough.....

Gradkowski did not vomit. Gradkowski led by example.

Fear not, Raider fans. Bruce Gradkowski is only 27 with plenty of upside. He has the respect of his teammates and a core of young receivers.

If the Raiders bolster their offensive line, Bruce Gradkowski may very well be a Super Bowl champion by the end of his career in Oakland.

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