Bruce Gradkowski Struggles: The Bruce Has No More Juice

So much for the savior. Bruce Gradkowski's Oakland Raiders laid a major egg on Sunday, despite all the hype. Gradkowski was unable to put the ball in the endz one time after time, leaving the Raiders to rely on the most unreliable Janikowski. It wasn't a good day for the "Kowski" boys on Sunday.

I don't need to go into detail about the absurdity of this loss, beginning with Tom Cable's decision to defer the opening kick away from his boy's first opportunity to light up the field with electricity and leadership, which resulted in a 102-yard touchdown return by the Cardinals. Dohhh!

The rest of the game was boring, even the Raiders' lame attempts to push Darren McFadden as a star. They are force feeding him after two seasons of utter neglect, and Michael Bush may go down as one of the most wasted talents in NFL history. It makes me wonder why these players put up with the Raiders' madness when they could be stars elsewhere.

Personally, I think JaMarcus Russell looked better in this horribly organized offensive scheme than the Great Gradkowski, but Raider Nation is in love with Gradkowski's bulging pectoral muscles and fiery attitude. At least Russell looked like an NFL player and not a Nintendo Wii-created character. Sad.

I have nothing more. Good luck next week, Nation.

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